Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Well it's taken a while but finally I've actually done some knitting and had time to update the blog. It was a bit of a mad month but we had a lovely relaxing week away in the Peak District and because of the rain (everyday, why did it rain everyday?) ,which prevented walking, I managed to get quite a lot of knitting time. And progress has been made.
The Louisa Harding hat and gloves are well underway. The hat is finished, well just needs one more flower.

One glove is almost done, just needs the outside edge sewn up, hence the wonky shape at the pinky in the photos, and the 2nd glove is well underway.

I then decided for a bit of change, variety being the spice of life and all that, and started the Sarah Dallas cabled hot water bottle cover. This is going to be a birthday present for my mum, it's a "special" birthday for her this year so I wanted to give her something I'd made especially.

I love cables and it's amazing how fab they look compared to how (un)difficult they are. On a few of the cables the stitches next to them are a bit loose, hopefully when finished and blocked it'll look better. This is knitting up much quicker than I thought it would but my parents are coming to visit next week so this will have to go into hiding.

Finally Pampas. I've not forgotten this but the pattern repeat got a bit tedious. The back is finished and I've started on the front. The warmer weather again has also meant it's not been so pressing to get this done. I have been wondering does it ever get cold enough down here to warrant such a big cardi, perhaps it will be kept for visiting home.

The wool isn't nearly as purple as it shows in this photo. It's actually Rowan's Big Wool in Mulberry that is much redder than this. Need to practice this photography thing.


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