Saturday, November 18, 2006


Last night I made my very first trip to Liberty haberdashery. Everyone always raves about it and my roommate from Uni recommended it. Somehow though I'd never made it there. I started knitting not long before we moved to the wilds of the Fens and since we moved north of Cambridge London seems so far away and our frequent trips just died off. Liberty called me down but I felt that I could not justify a trip. All I can say now if why, oh why did I not go sooner. What a wonderful department it is. So much yarn in such a small space (JL should definitely take note), all so neatly arranged and such gorgeous colours.
Unfortunately having done my Christmas shopping this month there was no spare knitting money to treat myself with. But I did finally manage to find a 10mm crochet hook. Pampas requires this for finishing (not that I'm anyway near that point) but I couldn't find one for love nor money. Mum had even offered to scour Scotland for one for me as it was looking so desperate. I should have known Liberty wouldn't let me down.
I also got another couple of goodies. Every year we each get a new bauble for the Christmas tree, a tradition started by my family, and Liberty's Christmas shop gave us plenty of choice. Our Christmas tree started off very gold from the cheap baubles we got when we first got our own tree but after 5 years it looking much more multicoloured and cheery. I also bought a Advent calendar card for my mum as she always sends us a calendar each so we thought she should have one of her own. And hubbie treated to me a lavender sachet in Liberty fabric as a special wee treat.

On the knitting front I have been doing some but not nearly enough. My sister's scarf is over half done on the knitting front and I think I've mastered how to crochet (well I hope so). This weekend will be spent finishing that and hopefully finishing the 2nd glove for my old roommate's Christmas pressie. Then perhaps I can start on my Kim Hargreaves kit as well as getting my mum's hot water cover going again.


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Hello from a fellow knitter of Scottish heritage. Just surfed in from the Midwest, USA.

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