Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Knitting

Happy New Year

No new knitting to report, hoping to get started on my Kim Hargreaves kit asap. But in the meantime some photos of the Christmas knitting I managed to complete. I finished the gloves and hat for my roommate in enough time but was in such a rush to get them sent to her I forgot about taking photos until they were all wrapped up and addressed. Thankfully I received this photo of the hat in its new home.

Finishing the Rooster scarf for my sister was another matter altogether. The knitting bit was fine but then came the crocheting. It actually turned out much easier than I thought it would and the scarf itself was finished without pain. Oh, but I forgot about the flowers. And not one or two, no ten. Ten whole flowers to crochet for a complete beginner, not a fast job and a bit fiddly with having to work so many stitches into the round. It took longer than I thought but I was taking the scarf home to my sister so there was plenty of time - right? Yes for crocheting but what about the packing, card writing, present wrapping-forgot that part. A mad couple of evenings crocheting, alongside all the other Christmas chores, and I was left with this, two nights before we due to drive home.

That left one evening to sew all the ends in and attached the flowers. Why did I have all that panic? I even had time to model the scarf before it was wrapped up.

So all's well that ends well. I didn't manage to do any more on mum's hot water bottle cover but compared to leaving her birthday present from all of us under my tree when I went back to Scotland and having to track a new one down there and arrange a refund for the forgotten one that's nothing! At least she'll have a surprise another time.


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