Monday, January 01, 2007

Combat with the hosts of hell

AKA Hogmanay

As we are about to sit down to out New Year's dinner (yes at this time and not in the afternoon) I was investigating about why we (the Scots) first foot but no one else seems to. Last night at midnight DH went outside, bottle, chocolate (Shortbread alternative) and coal in hand and rang the bell. Being tall, dark-haired and bringing all the necessary gifts he is the perfect first foot. At home dad was always sent out to do the deed. Also whenever we go to visit anyone on the first few days of the New Year we MUST take "something" (usually shortbread) with us. It's bad enough me being a redhead female but if I was to turn up empty handed who knows what disaster would befall the household.
This article in the Telegraph describes our way of doing it well. Many a year, when living in Scotland, we would still be up at 5am in our next door neighbours house playing Triv and drinking a nice, warm whisky. Of course this was just to keep the devil at bay.
And this is why I have tomorrow off work, no self-respecting Scot would chose to work on the 2nd (some have to, I know) and am only about to have dinner at dinner time!!


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