Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Still here

I've been away a while. Unfortunately I can't appear making big statements about all the great items I have finished. I've not been busy beavering away knitting but I have been working on my Rowan Exchange gifts. I started with this:

The green kid silk haze has already become the Elbac Scarf from Knitty. It's a bit fluffier than I would have liked but hopefully blocking will help that. The brown wool cotton is in the process of becoming Spencer gloves from Rowan 38. The right glove is done. I was going great guns through the 2nd glove only to realise that I started the right glove again. :( I sat here at 1130pm Sunday frogging the glove. Just need to start again. And yes I am already 1 month late so am even more annoyed with myself.

In addition to the Rowan Exchange I offered to knit some Innocent Smoothie hats for Amelia. But with the exchange trauma this has not happened. Do not worry though, my lovely hubbie who thinks knitting is witchcraft offered to help me out. He's on his 2nd hat and has learnt to cast on, knit and purl and has suddenly realised that it's "just tying knots". Here's the proof (can you tell how proud he is?):

There are reasons why I've not managed to knit or blog recently and they are good, honest.......

1/ Holiday

At the end of June we went to Guernsey for our holiday. I had the BEST time ever and if (when) I win the lottery that's where I'll be heading. It was so friendly, laidback and the sea is never far away - perfect.
We saw the house (Hauteville House) where Victor Hugo spent much of his time in exile from France and would definitely recommend it. It's full of some many different things, bits of art, furniture he built from old cabinets etc and paintings he did. The ground floor is so dark and oppressive then finally you reach the roof/lookout and the sun just streams in. This is where Victor Hugo worked and slept and it's just the most amazing space. The lookout can just be seen at the top of the house (the back white one) in the photo.

We also spent a fantastic day on Sark, cycling, relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet and sea air.

Yes that's me on a bike in the distance.

We stayed in St Peter Port, up above Candi Gardens ,and wandering into town and around the shops and harbours was the exact tonic we needed to the crazy life we have back home.

2/ Birthday & Red Bull Air Race
Then we had my birthday and this year I had a fantastic treat as well as lovely pressies. I was taken to the Red Bull Air Race in London. It was great day out and sun shone (even got a bit sunburnt staring up at the sky. Ok, even my chin and eyebrows were burnt but I am celtic!).

Yes the helicopter is upside down!! See.....

I want one of those.

As I said I got lovely pressies (funnily no knitting items - perhaps my lack of commitment is too obvious?); yummy night cream, tv version of Emma DVD, Adobe photoshop elements that should make this easier and money to buy my new bike (Sark really rubbed off on me). So exciting. Which brings me to...

3/ Moving

We've decided to move house. We managed to sell our house while away on holiday then have an offer accepted the next week. This will let me live much closer to work, hubbie will have ~ the same or a bit less travelling and there will be more time for knitting, reading, swimming, fun, basically just living. It'll be really sad to leave our house. It's our first real home, well the first one we owned so it really felt like ours and the first place I've felt gave me the homely feeling I haven't had since I went away to uni all those years ago. We've only been here 2 years but it feels like much longer but moving will give us so much more and we'll make that home as well. Anyway it's all chugging along (finger's crossed) and I just have to be patient.


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lovely scarf and gloves will we see photo's of your version. Good on your husband for giving the knitting a go - mine also thinks it is witchcraft.

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