Thursday, January 11, 2007

Resolution Update

Just a very quick post. Unfortunately not much knitting has taken place. I have the cold and my hands are so sore so I can only knit for a short while. The only knitting has been my "Cinderella's Bag" for Purlescence. I need to get the bag completed and the pattern written up by the end of the month as they will be publishing the winning and runner-up entries and I said I could be finished by then. Bit stressed as mostly I've just slept when out of work this week and I need to get to Hobby Craft from some more wire bits, so a bit of a trek in store this weekend.

On a much more positive note I am making some progress on my resolutions.
  • The sleep thing is happening (mostly because of the cold) and therefore I've managed to get my train instead of driving.
  • I've bought the paint for the spare room (Dulux Provencal Pink) and this weekend all the cracks will be filled in preparation.
  • I purchased a small shaker rail in a gorgeous powder blue for the kitchen and it complements the yellow walls perfectly. If only I could afford to buy more from this shop but small things I love in my house make such a difference so I will continue with this.
  • I found a link to the perfect book for me using my sewing machine more - Bend the Rules Sewing. It sounds perfect and looks interesting even though it has stuff for beginners. Pity I have to wait until the summer for it. At least that will give me some time to knit!

Now if only I could find time to knit and do some exercise I'd be well on my way.


Anonymous Maggie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your cold. Lots of chicken soup, tea and toast. Also, lots of liquids, but then I suppose you already know Bend the Rules Sewing looks like just the thing I need to get my Singer working away at last. Thanks for the link!

2:18 pm  
Blogger Isobel said...

Please feel better soon, rest and fluids will help, but mostly rest. Good luck on the pattern, I love the purse - you are very talented, if I were Cinders it's what I would take to the ball.
When the painting is completed post a picture to give us a look.
Take care

5:57 pm  

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