Sunday, August 27, 2006


Here it finally is - some knitting. Well the beginnings of anyway. I have so many half finished scarves in my knitting basket that it's embarrassing. To start with it was all I could knit then I moved to bags, much more interesting and suddenly I've got brave enough to try a cardi for myself and to knit for someone else, not my mum or hubby, all spurred on by the Rowan Exchange. The only problem is that I have 2 half finished scarves and a ripped bag and a baby blanket and the list goes on all staring at me and now I'm torn. All this guilt was raised as I had to hide some of the wool as the recipient of the finished object is coming over for a BBQ tomorrow and in hiding of this I came across all my UFOs I'd managed to banish to the back of my mind, oh well.
But for now my resolve is strong and I will finish the cardi so I can wear it this winter and the other items are Christmas pressies so they must have priority over scarves. So more on the disasters another time.... And here's the very exciting parcels I received in the post (why is buying yarn online so much more exciting?).

The arrival of Rowan 40 was a very exciting but also very sad time for me. There's so much I want to knit and with my celtic colouring so much that would suit in the colours shown. But what for someone who's never knitted more than a simple bag? Patterns, charts, shaping, colour work - it's all too much, and simply reading the patterns had my brain turn to mush :( But there in the pages it shone through - Pampas. Easy pattern, bit of shaping and perfect to take home for the freezing East of Scotland Christmas. And I'm already more than half way up the back :)
And as for the other yarn, it will make (magically by itself, perhaps?), the Sarah Dallas hot water bottle cover for my mum (blue and pink) and Louisa Harding's hat and gloves for my old roommate (as in she used to be my roommate, not that's she's very old). It's such soft wool and the colour is so her, I hope she likes it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I've finally bitten the bullet and got myself a blog. The turning point was receiving a mass of wool after the excitement of Rowan 40 arrriving. The pile of BIG wool for Pampus along with the wool for a couple of Christmas pressies has been sitting for the past week staring at me. I decided it would be fun to photograph this starting point and how these evolve. Pampus is especially exciting as it's my first ever garment. And my disasters as I go forth will be here for all to see. Anyway a photo of my small wool stash for these projects will be here soon.